Dog training

You know the problem ..?

You have a hunting ground and need a useful hunting dog, but have no time to effort intensivly training of your hound?


Or you just do not get ahead in certain training aspects?

You need an intensive course that is tailored exclusively to you and your dog

YOU have come to the right place.


We train you with your dog or will give us your dog and we prepare it adequately for exams and run them too. After passing the exam, you come to us, we work together with your dog, so that you and your dog are able to form a team in the end of the training to start sucecessfully in the future.


Since 2011, we successfully handled Pointers of FCI Group 7 to VJP / HZP / AZP / VGP / VStB / VSwP / VFwP / BP / FT / RT and various performance marks HN / VBR / AH / LN / S / SchW. Terrier prepared on ZP1-2 and Teckel on SP Sfk ESW WaT BhFk 95 VP

Group courses