Field,- and Retrievingtrials in Sweden/Norway/Finland

In order to be allowed to officially start on a field trial in the respective countries such as Sweden, Norway and Finland, the dog must have completed a retrieval trial according to the age. The points that result from the retrieval trial are added to the fieldtrial and then produce the total score.


The trails are categorized into the following age levels.

  •  UKL = young dog class up to 1.5 years
  •  ÖKL = adult class
  •  EKL = Elite Class



  • Bringing feathered game out of water
  • feathered game or fur drag


  • Gun shots (from a boat) and a piece of feathered game thrown in visual sight of the dog
  •  Bringing feathered game
  • Feathered and fured game drags


  •  Lost search on body of water with heavy cover.Firing when landing and a second, piece of feathered game thrown after after the shot.Retrieve of both pieces
  • 4 pieces of game need to be retrieved from a square piece of land (2x predator game, 1x hair/ fur game 1x feather game)Retrieval of all four pieces of game
  • Goose or fox drag 300m. Retrieval/ manners on the drag



Desired is a planned, systematic, long-range, fast search. The dog has to show desire to find and this must be apparent in the search style. Unlike Germany, the dog must flush the feathered game. This means, the handler steps up to the firmly pointing dog and leads him to jump in, in the moment where the feather game rises and flies off, the dog must sit or stand and may not even stir in the firing until the judge instructs the handler to call in the dog or to send for the retrieve.

 !Showing manners of a complete retrieve on freshly-shot feathered game is rare during a trial!

 If all these elements were passed and the scores are asigned in the field, the dog must complete an additional retrieve:

 The dog is sitting or lying at the handler’s side. A shot is fired and a piece of feathered game is carefully thrown into the heavy cover, visibly for the dog. As soon as the judge gives a signal, the dog handler sends his dog to the search and retrieve. If the dog has passed this test, the exam is passed. If he does not do that, the field points will also be deleted.