German Trials

Europe, especially Germany, Tschech Republic and the Balkan countries are great proponents/ promoters of the Vollgebrauchshundes (fully versatile hunting dog). Say a Continental pointing dog of any breed in the FCI Group 7 should be able to withstand full and versatile use. The German tests are geared show the young dog’s genetic predisposition as it develops and the breed can benefit from it.




The German examination system is divided into



  • VJP = Association Youth Test (March-May)
  • HZP = Association Breeding/ Fall Test (August-October)
  • VGP = Association Utility test (September-November)
  • VSwP = Association blood tracking Test
  • VStP = Association’s Forest hunt/ drive hunt test



These are the breed relevant trials. If a dog has passed VJP and HZP, it is approved for breeding purposes. In order to achieve full breeding suitability the respective club statutes of the individual breed must be considered. The VGP is considered the master test of full use and has the highest breeding value worldwide.



  • Tracking
  • Use of nose
  • Search
  • Pointing
  • Cooperation
  • Obedience
  • Gun sensitivity


  • Tracking
  • Use of nose
  • Search
  • Pointing
  • Cooperation
  • Desire to work
  • Water work with alive duck/lost search on water
  • Lost search of a bird/Birdtrack
  • Haretrack
  • Manner of retrieving
  • Obedience


  • overnight track, daytrack(Tvw, Tvb)
  • retrieving fox over obstacles
  • fox track
  • Manners of fox rerieving
  • Hare track
  • Manners of hare retrieving
  • Independent Search
  • dense cover search


  • independent search on water without a duck in dense cover
  • Shot on water
  • blindretriev from dense cover
  • independent search with duck in dense cover
  • manners of retrieving the duck


  • Use of nose
  • Searh
  • Pointing
  • Manners on game and steadyness
  • Work in winged game7bird track
  • Lost search on feathered game
  • Manners of retrieving feathered game


  • General behavior obedience
  • Behavior during drivin hunt
  • Heeling with leash
  • Heeling off leash
  • Down stay
  • Steadyness to wing
  • Steadyness to fur
  • Steadyness on shot