About our kennel "Jaktpartners"

Breeding Program



Our breeding program is exclusively on performance- proven and tested dogs. Dogs that have proven themselves to meet our extensive and rigorous hunting demands. Also, excellent confirmation is vital because only a correct built dog can sustain performance over an extended period of time.



Dogs who can-want-will-must-can


Dohs that are used for our breeding are experienced "Drückjagd" (drivenhunt). This equals hard work, perservance and intelligent approach pn wildboars, hunt clean arch (dont overrun the huntand area independently) and are unconditionally sharp on predator game. At the same time they are used for small game, upland and waterfowl hunting and reliably bring all kinds of game. Our dogs show a wide-ranging, efficient and enduring search in the fields. Provenly, our dogs take on any body of water and search them persistently and independently. Desire to find and produce game paired with loyalty and faith to deliver found game, are very important attributes. So is their physical hardness, mental focus and sharpness when needed on certain game species. A high level of social compatibility is a must for actively hunting dogs, which participate in social hunting events is a qualifier to be a companion in everyday life. We also present our breeding dogs on FCI Shows, as we consider it important to present the world of beauty some excellent functional hunting dogs.




Through performance to the type.


!!!We sell our puppies exclusively to hunters!!! 


 We are official members in FCI/VDH/SKK/SWeiK/DTK1888/JGV