FISHING THE NORTH IN SWEDEN First-Class fishing Europes last wilderness at the Arctic Circle

24 hours fishing under the midnight sun

The vast expanse north in Sweden offers hundreds of kilometers of untouched, pristine rivers and lakes with considerable stock of salmon, trout and grayling. Experience some of the best fishing spots while we facilitate the opportunity to catch your dream fish. We offer a one-day guided outings up to the fully organized fishing week expedition for individuals as well as group. We also offer courses in fly fishing or fishing while actively casting. Please understand it takes skill and a bit of luck to catch your dream fish. Contact us and give us your ideas, we will gladly put together a custom offer for you or your party. 

Fly Fishing and Fishing for Salmon*****

The infinitely vast northern Sweden offers hundreds of kilometers of untouched rivers with great basins to optimize your dream catch! We will guide you to the best fishing spots and help you choose your fly. We also welcome spinning fishermen.





Get out into the wild! Fly by helicopter into the wilderness to fish, while we assist your catch of brown trout, arctic char and grayling in the flawless wonder of nature. You will spend the night tent camping in the wilderness while we cook over the fire or gas stove. Enjoy the absolute wonder, beauty and tranquility of northern Sweden while your fly tempts the next fish to bite.

Pike Fishing*****


The endless lake landscape of northern Sweden has a vast population of large pikes. Fly fishing with poppers, in particular, provide action packed and adrenaline charged fishing in the perfect spots. You can fish from the shore, belly boat (float tube), fishing kayak or boat. We will guide you the best spots and show you the best baits for your fishing adventure.

*****Fishing takes skill, knowledge and a little luck to catch your dream fish. There are many factors that come into play when fishing for that trophy fish so we can offer no guarantees. We will offer the best opportunity given the factors on any given day.