The last European Wilderness at the Arctic Circle

Capercaillie and Black Grouse Hunt*****

Hunting Capercaille and black grouse is exciting and physically demanding. During the mild months when snow is scarce, your hunt will include specially trained dogs, Finnspitz, who will help find birds located in the trees. This will allow us to get within good range for a successful hunt. During winter months, when snow is bountiful, we hike in with snowshoes or skis through the beautiful Winter Wonderland of Northern Sweden. This time of year is also very physically demanding as we searching the treetops, moving into perfect range. Bird populations in this vast wilderness are excellent due to low hunting demand, however, these birds are very shy and cunning. Hunts take place on public and private lands. Being physically fit is a must for these hunts! Please contact us for estimates. 


Fjällripa and Ptarmigan Hunt*****

If you are up for an exciting challenge, Fjallripa and Ptarmigan may be the perfect hunt for you. Fjallripa and Ptarmigan hunt is one of the most beautiful types of hunting for the passionate dog handler and upland bird hunter. The fast Fjallripe is a challenge for even the most skilled of sportsman. This hunt only works with a perfectly trained pointing dog that shows clean, wide searches and stands steady. These hunts take place in the mountains and long distances are walked over difficult terrain. Being physically fit is required. Please contact us for estimates.

Ring and Grey Seal Hunt*****

Every year in Sweden, there are licenses to hunt ring and gray seals. This hunt takes place for the protection of local fish stock. We can offer you this exciting hunt, which takes place on the ice or boat, depending on the season. The import of the trophies into other EU countries is not a problem under certain conditions. USA Hunters please contact BEFORE contacting us for this type of hunt. Please contact us for estimates. 


*****We hunt wild birds and animals. These animals are not stocked so we cannot give 100% guarantee on successful hunts. However, we understand their nature and learn their patterns to optimize success. Several factors can affect the success of any hunt.